Fanfiction by Keolah

Lexen Chelseer is an inborn Time Mage, and has the unique power to go back in time when he'd otherwise die, allowing him to make a different choice.

The first Stormseeker Saga was written in 2012 as a self-challenge to write one million words in the span of one year on the same project. The second series, Codex Veritatum, is a continuation of the story, and was begun in 2016. Alternate Timelines was written at various points throughout the years, and is comprised of stories, mostly incomplete and abandoned, that take place outside the main continuity or were earlier versions.

The story begins in Torn Elkandu, and crosses through the universes of Harry Potter, Geneforge, Dragon Age, Star Wars, the World of Darkness, and the Elder Scrolls. All settings belong to their respective owners.

Status: In progress.

Stormseeker Saga

Codex Veritatum

Stormseeker Saga: Alternate Timelines