Nexus of the Wilderness

Novel by Heather M. Dunn

Nexus of the Wilderness

The first novel in Shadows of Serriya introduces the world of Wilderplane, a vast wilderness inhabited by fairies and elves.

Suzy is an emotionally-unstable pixie with a terrible temper. She had always been told that she couldn't become a mage. She had never imagined other worlds, until a magical device activates near her home and brings visitors from a distant realm.

The School of Thought offers people the chance to freely learn anything they might fancy, provided Keolah can convince people to teach at it. Starting a family with her girlfriend might wind up taking priority over her work, however.

Suzy's desire to gain power and knowledge drives her to take mad risks and lures her into dark places. In the end, it might be up to her friends to save her from herself.