Nexus of Ice

Novel by Heather M. Dunn

Nexus of Ice

The third novel in Shadows of Serriya brings us to the frozen world of Sasherey.

Setti is a monster, descended from people blessed and cursed with unique bestial forms. When a stranger appears at his peaceful monster village and tells him that he is an inborn mage, he is quick to leave his home to learn magic. But the only one who can teach him about his rare Talent is a lich, a powerful and dangerous undead spellcaster, living in isolation far away on a frozen world. Setti seeks to learn about Soul Magic, but will his teacher ask for more than he is willing to give?

Winter is a dragon living in a ruined castle on the world of ice. Dragons are supposed to be solitary creatures. So why does she find the idea of having real friends so appealing? Wizards are strange people, but she finds herself starting to like them.

And in the midst of it all, they find themselves caught up in a war with demons and angels that could shake the multiverse.