Interdimensional Bridge

Fanfiction by Keolah and others

A bridge to other universes has opened, allowing people from diverse realms to interact in ways they were not able to before. Wars are fought across the multiverse, and even gods may die.

The Interdimensional Bridge Saga was a long-running roleplay campaign run by Keolah and some of her friends. It ultimately had to be abandoned due to Keolah's breakup with her former boyfriend, who was behind many of the major characters. Nothing was plotted out in advance. Story arcs hang or trail off without conclusion. I've done my best to make sense of what I have and put it into a halfway coherent narrative.

The story is primarily rooted in Keolah's original Serriya and Karzan universes, and branches out to include characters and visits to the World of Darkness, Warhammer 40,000, Rifts, Geneforge, and Keith Laumer's Bolo universe. All settings belong to their respective owners.

Status: Concluded, but not fully posted. Will never be fully complete, but summarized and wrapped up in Stormseeker: Nexus of Regrets.

The Interdimensional Bridge Saga is a vast and sprawling narrative, and has been divided into a number of sub-series following specific groups of characters.