Novels and Stories by Heather M. Dunn

The multiverse awaits, through the Nexus. Step into the mists and find your way to another world...

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Nexus of the Ancients

The first novel in the Serriya series introduces the world of Lezaria, a fantastic place full of magic, monsters, guns, and steamships. The discovery of the Nexus changes everything, and unlocking its mysteries could hold the key to the multiverse.


Nexus of the Wilderness

The second novel in the Serriya series introduces the world of Wilderplane, a distant wilderness inhabited by fairies and elves. One woman's desire for power may prove a danger to herself and everyone around her.

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The Multiverse

The Serriyan Multiverse is a vast setting that encompasses a myriad of strange worlds and alternate universes. Stories cover the adventures and trials of a large cast of vibrant characters over the course of centuries.

Two wikis document the multiverse: